Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine

Using thin, sterile filiform (acupuncture) needles inserted into the body to stimulate tissues, reduce pain, and activate your body’s own innate healing mechanism.


This is another term for acupuncture to treat painful trigger points in the body, and is mainly used for muscle and connective tissue disorders, including musculoskeletal pain.


The burning of the herb mugwort (Artemisia) on or near the skin, alone or in tandem with acupuncture, to stimulate healing through by warming tissues and improving circulation and reducing inflammation.


Acupuncture with the addition of a microcurrent of electricity to boost tissue stimulation of the acupuncture; commonly used to help with bone fractures and nerve pain and numbness.


Ancient therapy using a glass vacuum cup placed on the skin to decompress muscle restrictions and fascia bundles by promoting the flow of blood, interstitial fluid, and nutrients to soft tissue. Cupping is noninvasive and is helpful for sports injuries, immune health, and relaxing the nervous system.


China’s traditional form of manual therapy and massage that includes grasping, traction, assertive tissue and joint manipulation, rolling, and kneading the muscles and connective tissue.


Also known as dermal friction or Graston technique by western trained providers, gua sha uses a porcelain or metal tool to abrade the skin and deeper surface tissues to elongate muscle and connective tissue restrictions and promote the flow of circulation to the damaged area. Helpful for chronic muscle pain, plantar fasciitis, and to boost the immune system


China has an ancient and well-documented history of herbal medicine, a sophisticated system of diagnosis and treatment of a multitude of ailments using plants and other medicinal substances tailor made to help you with your unique presentation. Nature’s own intelligence has created a multitude of nutrients and plant chemicals that can nourish and heal the body, and we harness that intelligence to craft the perfect formula for your needs.

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